Sunday, August 24, 2008

Intel's SSD

Intel and Micron teamed up and started IM flash company is an old story. Intel, the x86 processor emperor, started focusing more on SSD is great thing for consumer and enterprise. Intel is well known for setting goals high and achieving them with great dedication. As part of its SSD initiative, Intel demoed its SSD which really made wow-factor comparing existing SSDs right now in the market. It is performance numbers are really high. Intel's SSD comes with 2 catagories 1) Enterprise SSD based on Single level cell - SLC (code named X25-E and X18-E) 2) Consumer Mainstream model based on Multi level cell - MLC (Code named X25-M and X18-M), here 25 denotes form factor of 2.5" and 18 is 1.8". Both supports Interface SATA 3Gbps.
Some numbers are
For, X25-E (SLC)
  1. READ -sustained 250 MBps
  2. WRITGE -sustained 170 MBps
  3. Power consumption - Active: 2.4W Typical, Idle (DIPM): 0.06W Typical
  4. Life expectancy - 1.2 million hours Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)
  5. Read Latency - 75 microseconds
  6. Capacity 32GB and 64GB
For X25-M (MLC)
  1. READ -upto 250 MBps
  2. WRITGE -upto 70 MBps
  3. Power consumption - Active: 150mW Typical, Idle (DIPM): 0.06W Typical
  4. Life expectancy - 1.2 million hours Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)
  5. Read Latency - 85 microseconds
  6. Capacity 80GB and 160GB
Random write is the one all MLC SSDs are suffering today and I am not able to find data for that. But considering intel's profile, it would have addressed random write issues.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

SSD Performance

Today I saw an excellent review about OCZ 64 GB MLC SSD Disk running on Vista.
OCZ Core SSD read write
average STR throughput 125MiB/sec 73MiB/sec
typical random access penalty 0.43ms 246ms
idle power use ~1W
load power use <3w

7200 RPM WD hard disk
WD6400AAKS read write
average STR throughput 85MiB/sec 85MiB/sec
typical random access penalty 13.6ms 17ms
idle power use ~6W
load power use ~9W

You can follow the below link to read fully

However, Next generation controllers do promise the unbelievable performance. Fabless chip designing firm Indilinx pushed read and write speed to 230MB/s and 170MB/s for SLC and 200MB/s, 160MB/s for MLC SSD. So probably MLC SSDs going to blow out its HDD brothern within 6-8 months time period from now. Probably Apple's forthcoming Macbook and Macbookpro will have options for SSDs like its beautiful younger sister Macbook air. Interstingly density increase NAND will help iPhone to have more memory soon.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Best web conferencing alternative to WebEx, MS office live - Dimdim

Now a days it is common to see huge advantage of having web conference facilities to foster and eliminate geographically distributed nature of work environment. It is also handy for presenting anything without physically present in particular location.
I am exploring best web conferencing alternative to WebEx, MS office live. Here is my findings
1. WebEx - has been there in market for long and I used it from 2003 for official purpose
2. Microsoft Office Live meeting - It is good and intended to knock off WebEx and other similar product as they have near monopoly among big enterprises.
They charges huge money for these services and I am exploring free alternative, if any.
Also the tool should be compatible with multiple platform like MS PC, Apple, Linux (opensolaris) etc.
There is a good read about multiple product here

Another type of Tool which enable access to remote desktop through internet will be very handy not only to help fix the issue remotely. There are tools to do that
1. WebEx's PCNow - 30 days trail available
2. GoToMyPC - -again 30 days free
3. LogMeIn

Open Source Collaboration Tool
I also found dimdim, it is open source. It is good that product like dimdim comes into market and make others to reduce the price or make the money realize its meaningful value. After using dimdim, i felt really good. We can share desktop, can multiple people dial-in to conference etc. It is more than sufficient to most of my activities. Good work Dimdim. You are instrumental in changing this space.