Monday, January 05, 2009

My experience with Windows 7

I got windows 7 beta 1 build 7000 and its pretty fast, it gave first best impression. I think Ms going to control 2009 show using Windows 7 and other time sensitive initiatives like cloud and office on web (like SaaS or google/zoho doc etc)
I will try to put more information here after experiencing how it works for doing my daily activities.
I prepared my DVD by burning windows 7 as ISO into DVD and it tool around 26 mins to do 3 steps
1. Booted with windows 7 dvd and started installation. I wiped off Vista and started fresh installation
2. After step 1, it booted and did some basic configuration
3. After step 2, it need to reboot and got beautiful desktop with breathing fish after few minutes of set up.
So it took me around 26 seconds which includes deleting Vista and formatting the disk for Windows 7 (NTFS)
My laptop is HP pavillion dv4 with intel T5600 2 GHz and 160 GB HDD. Its integrated graphics from Intel.
I liked IE 8, its now catching up with Firefox atleast in few intuitive features like find/search. I liked the find/search in browser which actually sit itself outside and doing search unblocking the content of the browser. It is kind of convenience and will help you to do like highlighting etc like Firefox. IE is really slow compare to Firefox. I just tried IE few times and it is very sluggish. Thats the experience I got I don't have real nos. Opening the browser or open in new tab is really slow. I just need to investigate, it is so slow that I need to wait 10 sec, I set home button to and it is another 10 sec wait in "Connecting".