Friday, April 13, 2012

Smartphone shifting everything

Most of the people who tracks  mobile app world aware of importance of apps and great companies like instagram become quick $1 billion worth just capitalizing momentum behind mobile. Many companies focusing on mobile first strategy. Mobile become increasingly powerful and ubiquitous eating time of people and very much immersed in something on mobile (, every 3 months new mobile comes of with some kind of improvement. Already USA crossed 50% mark of smart phone user. It is definite empowering people, once information was living in the people's head, then in books, then in desktop kind of computer - started moving with laptop and now living with people every moment. It is gateway to greatest and ever growing repository of cloud.

What a fantastic period. From the moment Steve Jobs holds iPhone in his hand and unveiled to the world industry got disrupted loosing Palm, RIM and may be Nokia. Most of the revenue is sucked by  Apple