Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank you Google Chrome, IE9 is your gift to us....

IE9 with its preview release inching forward and compliance with standards like CSS 3.0, HTML5, new javascript engine. Microsoft realized that they can't stop web momentum by not improving the browser but making it better would definitely going to help them in long run. They jumped into the bandwagon of fast JS engine and more HTML5 feature including video/audio support is surely welcome factor for web. This is absolutely due to Google chrome and it is the finest example of turning badie into good one and how one's true potential make others to follow. Thanks Google. I hope same thing going to happen in internet pipeline too once Google rolls out 1Gbps fiber optic internet service.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

How eventual transparency triumphs

I, earlier, blogged about how technology going to bring transparency and I termed it as "Eventual Transparency". If you come from India, last week's news (March 2010) about one fraud Godsman would have been torned you apart. Though it is unforgivably bad... this kind of behavior never accepted in any society including open culture society. These guys fly high into "super stardom" by marketing gimmick (luring people and making people believe that they are capable of things which God only can do and hence people things that they are Godsmen), once they climb into high and they storm into human mind. Once people accepts this guys, they would gain "root" access (mind would start trusting them as God, please read more about root here) into believer's brain and brain as rooted system is taught to be trusted them. So once mind is defected, it goes into myopic view... this is where so called "Godsman" peaks and influence people to their advantages and collect as much money as possible and force people to do anything he wants and those defected people would think it is correct even if the
Godsmen do wrong. Ok it is better topic for phycologist than me, and this event has links to "Eventual transparency".

Eventual transparency
This is where Gadgets and devices equipped with "Camera" and voice recording would storm into and expose the truth. And events like this will open up myopic eyes of people and bring them back to reality. But what about effected users? It is definitely hard for them and events like this would at least stop new people tranced (hypnotized) by this kind of people.

Fun part...
Few days back, the same Godsman appeared on the video and stating that "the video is not true blah blah" and acting as if he is innocent as usual and unfortunately "Oscar" board didn't see the video otherwise he would have got immediately oscar for "best actor" category...

Friday, March 12, 2010

How GREEN my app is?

Green means spending less energy or doing more with less. If we apply this principle to software then following factors would affect the green thing. I am picking Web application development as an example
  1. How many Developer/Tester/Manager etc etc needed to bring the application to completion -- it is one time cost
  2. Maintenance --- recurring
  3. Hardware requirement -- given the app deployed on the hardware, how many users it can serve? This is very important factor as some of the very famous language is really bad at serving more concurrent users and hence need more hardware to support peak numbers and fight between Amdahl's and Moore's law :)
  4. Power consumption is very related to item 3 above
  5. Architecture -- among others, choosing the right technique like partial page rendering and sending only the data need to render which eliminates network loads, serialization cost or construction and deconstruction costs
  6. Right sizing and utilizing modern hardware
  7. Location how near the server is located to user which avoids unnecessary trips
  8. Infrastructure and real estate costs / wastes etc
These factors grossly affects the Green computing. At the end, burning less fossil fuel to run the application.