Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is meant iOS 4.2 for Webdeveloper?
1) iOS 4 html5test score was 186 and iOS 4.2 now clocks 196
2) Introduction of Websocket

a. Single most compelling API from html5 spec
b. Going to disrupt not only web push based applications like live chat/im/twitter/facebook/web mail but applications
can utilize low bandwidth bidirectional nature of application

3) What is missing?

a. Device notification API:
Web app should be able to notify even if user comes out of the browser and doing something else
b. Webm
Apple is paying royalties for H.264 but nothing stopping them utilizing webm for video and audio at least for
egalitarian purpose (can we expect?)
c. File access (at least photos and video taken by iDevices) as other native app does
d. Unlock the contract completed devices

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Impact of Cloud and Personal devices

A week or two back I was going through Ray Ozzie’s “Dawn of a new day”. There is one thing that sounds clear to me after reading the memo is “Google’s Chrome OS + Android and Apple’s iOS” popping into my mind. In general “Chrome OS” kind of philosophy I was able to understand.

Web, now, after seeing IE9’s race, is going to be the platform, it may not have all the bells and whistles of Native Apps but that’s going to be there soon through Html5/CSS3/JS with developer creativity. It is long story and warrant a new post.

There are atleast two companies are affected by this computational and thought shift are Microsoft and Intel. The shift started almost decade back but when these people realized it might be almost impossible to turn around. But I am sure Intel, couple of years back, realized this and is started fighting marathon race.

Personal devices, which is what Intel fighting to enter, needs to be connected. In fact, even iPod is going to pull songs from Cloud. So these devices are confluence of personal + cloud based services which is source of information/data repositories.