Monday, April 27, 2009

Cloud computing

I have been researching Cloud computing for quite some times. Using Amazon S3 for few applications, piloting google for corporate and exploring force platform, Ms Azure. The value proposition it gives is lot but it varies based on what we want to do with.
Some of the Aspects to be considered,
  1. Security
  2. SLAs
  3. Environment
  4. Platform
  5. Standardization
  6. Transforming old thoughts to new paradigm
  7. Itegrating with existing application
  8. I will explore all these aspects as and when I get time......

iPhone after 3G

iPhone lived upto its hype even though it lacked lot of features (but OS 3.0 has got missing features). iPhone is a kind of gifted because it is deprived of lots of notable features but people made it great product as if telling a person "you are good" continuously make them good.
Ok, then what should be the hardware upgrade for next release? Probably I would think OLED should be very important to stay par with competition (Nokia, Samsung et al has got OLED display long back). Apple suppose to serve niche market and it should have that. What if it has one more inch big in width - it makes reading web pages very easy and OLED makes thin form form possible and it can still retain its weight and can increase battery size/capacity. Support HD and wirelessly stream video, if not through HDMI etc to other device. It should also allow easy integration with other devices. It should evolve as platform. It should not be an example of child protecting the bird in its hand by squeezing it. The world will turn soft when it is very open, and it turn hard if it is closed - History so far telling this truth.

Voice integration, it would be fine if it understand the voice and textify it on every place (notes, mail, sms, search - spotlight, url typing etc), probably a service running on apple or provider environment take the input and convert it to text somthing sort of google voice search. It helps very much, at least for me.
Anyway Apple will not continue to be lucky as, I feel, Android will one day throw it out of the window as microsoft did for Mac in the last decade.
Browser should support location API by integrating with GPS system and other hardware components like compass etc, this will make rich UI application history.