Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Universal Architecture

I like to give a name for something which gives or solves following issues...
1. Benefiting to most user
2. Something which should be available to everybody like food, water and shelter
3. To be available irrespective of where you are... at least Earth as of circa 2009.
What are the service we can provide?
1. Internet
2. Voice or Video communication
3. ??
Who would resist, Telecom service provider and who else?
Here is How?
1. Like GPS or more than GPS, launch 10s of GEO SYNC satellites specifically for Internet connectivity or use it for multipurpose.
2. Provide connectivity
3. Since VOIP and video OIP etc will kill Telecom player or they will transform into related service.
I just expressed my thoughts about this almost 2 years back to my friends and later I found Japan launched Satellites for Internet service and British also following... It seems not bad idea.

Is Wolframalpha a threat to Google?

I read some juicy thingy about Wolfram|Alpha. Yea it sounds too good. And I wish that it should make success.
The reasons....
1. Search is the "Start" button of web as OS, as URL is dead.
2. Most noisy results end up
1. Wasting lots of peoples time -- may be contrived to CO2 emission
2. Lots of CPU and network will be wasted to do search again -- collectively it will be equated to CO2 emission and lots more...
3. Change in the confidence of user, frustration getting right information etc
I am not denying the Server workload to give such a nearly correct results. Evidently, correct/trusted information is always costly.
So, lets welcome to be born baby. It gives us manly feeling - like "If i ask somthing tell me the truth and stand firmly on what you provided", all ladies please execuse me.... Here is the page http://www.wolframalpha.com/index.html

What kind of search do we need?

I was thinking about how could google search can be improved.... Many of us familiar with semantic search. I am thinking about user sourced semantic search, yes this is, for sure, my idea. I was thinking this from long back. Probably knotting multiple familiar technologies and drawing similarities to them and come up with something. It is like GOF came up with design pattern or Ward Cunningham influenced Design pattern which he got influenced from Alexander (Civil Architect). I will explain how.... here you go...
People do search and click on the link... if they didn't find the relevant information they move on and to next page or try to refit the query. So here is the catch. If the move on and click any link, it means earlier page had just noicy result that should be eliminated. Is it correct it does in the first attempt? No, don't trust single person. From my young age if I want to ask a route to some place, which I like to go, I normally ask more than a person.
There are 2 reasons,
1. person who answered could have lied
2. Double check will make sure that probability of error reduced. So if both person points two different directions, you need to be very careful. Ask few more....
So this is thingy I developed when I was young.
So why can't it be applied to search?