Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My experience using Google's Chrome

Today I downloaded google's chrome browser. It is natively integrated with google gear tightly. Address bar is now have dual role and serve as search bar too and its start of end of address bar and search is going to prevail (look at URL is dead ). Short cuts are cute and powered with Google gear - makes its awesome. "Most visited" page when I open the browser is good and resembles googly.
  1. Open link in a new tab : (Right Click on link - context menu) The order of Open link in a new tab is changed from both IE (Internet Explorer and Firefox) it is placed first ahead of "open in new window" it is heavily used features and causing litle bit of experience realignment issue. I did not change any setting as I used out of the box installation, though.
  2. Awesome bar/ Omnibar : It looks good and simplifies the job of using 2 different boxes for achieving the same thingy (though, it seems overstated by saying address bar and search bar are doing same job but my real world experience is saying it is singular activity, look at URL is dead....

Hm I am not covering everything in it in a single shot but describe about it frequently as and when I find it and to say something about it.

IBM's FUD about SSD claim

It is surprise to see IBM into SSD market place and its welcoming effect too. IBM's article http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/comments. I can see SSD go mainstream and also I read somewhere about IBM's reservation about using it for commodity servers, but not interested in locating them probably googling will locate that. Probably Sun shines here with ZFS and its embrace of SLC SSD. I came to this blog from storagesearch and author actually dismissed IBM's above claim as FUD(wiki for FUD). Please look at http://www.storagesearch.com/ssd.html.
Oh... I am using Google's Chrome to post this.....