Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is Google slow positioning the web?

Is Google slow positioning the web?

 As I increasingly aware that web site analytics going to be decreasingly fruitful to measure certain metrics like "keywords" used to land targeted page. The reason is more and more Google uses search behavioral targeting (browsing behavior) and contextual states (from its properies like Gmail/Google plus/Drive/Android etc) to manipulate the result. It is shockingly evident that the page I see as a result of search for particular keyword is not equal to others anymore and it is going to be increasingly different for each users. 

So how would this impact  Ads and Analytics. Yes it will. For ex. google analytics reported that user searched using keyword "some search term" and got this page. I tried the same query, i could not find the search result with my application. I tried almost all the pages. This is truly dangerous and google is slowly positioning open internet. 

Keyword "circle" is not same for every users, if they use Google properties more, circle may be square or rectangle or something else. This is definitely not good for Ads based on keywords.

Generally, Google Search is where people wanted search and locate their desire content and immediately go out to different pages, those different pages is going to be affected more and more when Google chases Facebook (I mean if G+ grows more search result increasingly going to be different).  In contrast Facebook is where people go there and stay there and do not want to move out, thats why Facebook "Like" is  just become vanity metrics, people may like it but may not pay any attention to or leave Fb to its source - it is not very useful to business)