Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Integrating Java EE 5(JEE5), JBPM, JBoss Seam, Netbeans and Glassfish V2

Integrating Java EE 5(JEE5), JBPM, JBoss Seam, Netbeans and Glassfish V2

I have ported jboss todo example application into Java EE 5 (Jee5) running on Glassfish v2 using Netbeans 6 IDE.

Create an enterprise application called todo with todo-war and todo-ejb applications modules.

Please download the jboss –seam at http://www.jboss.com/products/seam

before proceeding to next step. Also download and install netbeans from http://www.netbeans.org/downloads

Jboss seam required jboss-seam.jar as ejb application which should be added into application.xml. But Netbeans has deployment issue when we just add jboss-seam.jar as ejb application. In order to overcome this issue, we need to create separate module in Netbeans for seam. So create jboss-seam ejb module.

Creating jboss-seam ejb module:

Click “New Project”, Click “Enterprise” and choose “Ejb Module” and name it as “jboss-seam” (You can name anything you wish)

You need to configure dependant jar files Library for jboss-seam ejb module.

To configure libraries, right click on the “jboss-seam” project click “properties” menu which opens the dialog box titled “Project Properties - jboss-seam”. Go to “Library”. In the right hand side click “Add Library” and Click “Manage Libraries”, then “New Library”. Give the name “Jboss-Seam-Lib”, click “Add Jar/Folder” button to add the jar files. Browse through {Seam Installation/unzipped Directory}/ lib

Add all the jar files except

§ jboss-seam.jar

Click “Ok” and choose “Jboss-Seam-Lib” in the “Add Library” dialog. Library “Jboss-Seam-Lib” will be listed under the “Compile” tab of the dialog box titled “Project Properties - jboss-seam”. Uncheck the check box, this will make sure that these jars will be used only for compilation. So whenever we use “jboss-seam” ejb module, these jars will not be copied. Next, we need to copy the source files from {Seam Installation/unzipped Directory}/src/main into Netbeans’ jboss-seam module under the “Source Packages” in Project view. Thus we got “jboss-seam.jar” equivalent module in netbeans.

JBPM Integration:

All the Jar files which is mentioned below will be available under the folder {Seam Installation/unzipped Directory}/ lib.

In order to run Jbpm, we need additional Jar files which I am going to explain below,

Required Jar for ear application (todo):

Right click on the EA project “todo”, click properties menu which opens the dialog box titled “Project Properties - todo”. Go to “Packaging” section under “Build”.

Create a library called “JBPMLib” (You can create a new library by clicking “Add Library” button in the right side pane and Click “Manage Libraries”, then “New Library”. Give the name “JBPMLib”, click “Add Jar/Folder” button to add the jar files )and add the following jar files.

§ jbpm-jpdl.jar

§ testng.jar

§ quartz.jar

JBPM requires Hibernate which is used as persistence framework. So create one more library for Hibernate (“Hibernate-Seam-Lib”) and add the bellow jar files

§ antlr.jar

§ cglib.jar

§ commons-beanutils.jar

§ commons-collections.jar

§ commons-digester.jar

§ commons-logging.jar

§ dom4j.jar

§ hibernate-annotations.jar

§ hibernate-commons-annotations.jar

§ hibernate-entitymanager.jar

§ hibernate-validator.jar

§ hibernate.jar

§ javassist.jar

§ log4j.jar

I also added the below jar files which is required for jboss-seam.

§ jboss-archive-browsing.jar

§ jboss-common-core.jar

§ jboss-el.jar

Once all the jars added, Click “Ok” and choose “JBPMLib” in the “Add Library” dialog. Library “JBPMLib” will be listed in “Packaging” section under “Build”. Double click on “Location in Archive” column of “JBPMLib” and edit it to “/lib”. Same way add the “Hibernate-Seam-Lib” and edit the “Location in Archive” to “/lib” and click somewhere outside to change the focus (otherwise edit will not be saved sometimes). Add “jboss-seam” ejb module by clicking “Add Project” button. Click “Ok”. This is how we added JBPM and its dependant jar files under lib location in the ear file. All other modules under the ear files will have access to the libraries (jar) under “ear/lib” folder.

Finally your Package dialog will have

  • dist\todo-ejb.jar (by default it will be added) Location in Archive: “/”
  • dist\todo-war.war (by default it will be added) Location in Archive: “/”
  • dist\jboss-seam.jar (You added recently) Location in Archive: “/”
  • JBPMLib (You added recently) Location in Archive: “/lib”
  • Hibernate-Seam-Lib (You added recently) Location in Archive: “/lib”

Deployment Descriptor Changes:

Add jboss-seam.jar as ejb module in application.xml of “todo” ear module.

Required Jar for ejb application (todo-ejb):

Configure the todo-ejb libraries by going through Project Properties,

Add following Library files

  • JBPMLib
  • Hibernate-Seam-Lib
  • Jboss-seam.jar

Note: Uncheck the “Package” Column for all the above libraries as it is added through EAR application (“todo”), otherwise it will add it into root location of ear file not under lib location.

Ejb App without Ejb: We can’t deploy ejb module without an ejb, so create a dummy stateless session bean.

Empty Seam.properties should be added to let seam knows this project is seam project.

Add the source copied from {Seam Installation/unzipped Directory}/examples/toto/src under “Source Packages”

Required Jar for WAR/web application (todo-war):

Go to the Packaging section of “Project Properties”.

Add following jar files

§ jboss-seam-debug.jar

§ jboss-seam-ui.jar

And edit “Path in ear” column and change it to “WEB-INF/ib”

Adding JBPM Config files:

We need to make following config files available to JBPM engine

  • hibernate.cfg.xml
  • jbpm.cfg.xml
  • todo.jpdl.xml

Please place these files under “Source Packages” directly. So at the end you will be able to see these files under “”.

Add the source copied from {Seam Installation/unzipped Directory}/examples/toto/resources/WEB-INF to WEB-INF

And “{Seam Installation/unzipped Directory}/examples/toto/view” to “web” folder of Netbeans.

That’s all. Run the todo application. Enjoy Business Process…


  1. I got one more query earlier, it is
    "Hi, I am from Cuba, and I write u because you put the following post in your blog:

    Integrating Java EE 5(JEE5), JBPM, JBoss Seam, Netbeans and Glassfish V2

    Do u really has made this possible ??

    I try do this in netbeans 6.5, but did not work, can you send me how do this only for Jboss JBPM ??
    I do not want use seam, just JBoss JBPM, and IceFaces over Netbeans and Ubuntu gnu/linux
    Please, I need help for a Software Project.
    Thanks a lot...


    My response is below.....

    I had tough time configuring Seam with Netbeans/Glassfish but it is kind of easy when you understand the the issues. Can you go through my blog? Just include all the jars which I documented in my blog. I integrated jbpm with seam but jbpm can be used separately without seam. It needs Hibernate, log4j etc jar files (refer my blog for related jars). Since I integrated, I assure you, you can run jbpm on Netbeans/Glassfish.

  2. I got a following query on JBpm,
    "I read 'http://www.pmsenthilkumar.blogspot.com/2008/02/integrating-java-ee-5jee5-jbpm-jboss.html' article on your blogspot. I am evaluating the various BPM tools and i would like to know about the JBPM. Is it possible to integrate the JBPM with glassfish or any other server except Jboss.

    Thanks & regards,

    And my response was "Sunil,

    It worked for me. But at the time writing the blog, i need to do lot of work in order to make Seam framework itself working on glassfish, I added all the steps in my blog and it will definitely work. If you need JBpm alone, just add all the dependancies, it should work. If you have questions, please write it from blogger's comment. This way other user also get to know the details."

  3. Anonymous8:07 PM


    thank you for your blog entry. I tried following your instructions, but it didn't work completely. I wanted to ask you which version you were trying out when you wrote this article? (I guess it should be 1.x.x.?)

    If you're still working with Seam: Do you know which libraries and configuration files I'm missing to make Seam work with Glassfish? It works a little (if I follow other instructions in combination with yours), but when I try working with jBPM I'm having difficulties.

  4. I used seam 1.2. Did you include JBoss related jars, hibernate etc?

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    In general, JBPM Integration fo jBPM into enterprise applications (ear/war) does not differ a lot between application servers, most of the issue you can run into are related to library conflicts.


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