Thursday, May 22, 2008

URL is dead, is it?

Nearly a year back, I had a discussion with my friends in a Hotel room in Smokey Mountain. The topic was about how they inform their friends or parents about new information in the internet. I was telling them that simply tell them the information key words, for example- cooking, then they would easily searchgoogle it to find out. I really wanted them to understand that google is a desktop for modern web application as all the other sites except google, we normally end up using google search and hit the right website rather than typing it in the browser address bar. In other words web search is primary vehicle to hit the proper web site. But they didn't agree with me went on arguing that they will tell the complete url, yes something like http://.../.../... I was not able convince them because they don't want to simply agree with me. I also felt they didn't really appreciate the current internet world and information sharing etc etc... However we all are into Computers and Software development esp web based development and know very well that visiting some web sites normally starts with google or search, search become windows start button of the web world. Today I happened to see the article @ This article reflects what i felt when i discussed with my friends.

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