Saturday, June 21, 2008

Single Page Application

Normally web application is developed using multiple html pages. Each html page will form the entire html from start to end and flushed into and rendered by browser. What if the entire page is visualized as partial renderable unit and each rendering will be done using Ajax and updated using DOM/Css/Javascript. So we will get or think of nice MVC in the client side where Controller javascript has its job of controlling lifecycle of renderable unit called widget, view has its job of using pleasant color, layouts (all from CSS), data again as java script objects of model (probably imitated or duplicated from the server side model using javascript to java and visa versa - seam remoting will do the same) So effetivly page will get the only data its need and assembles its mark up in the client side, so no more noise html tags, only protien for the application shuttles between server and client. MVC will utilize Comet, Ajax technique extensivly to acheive the requirement.

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