Thursday, December 18, 2008

Future of Technology

I had lots of idea about what would be the future of our world....
I am just regurgitating my thoughts here ....

1. Mobile computing : Netbook will shrink in its size and it will become hybrid of mobile communicator and computer. It will usher the death of laptop/Notebook as how laptop/Notebook replaced Desktop.
2. Internet connection: It is backbone of Technology growth and it will be as fast or better then USB. LTE going to common in 2010 and it will enable loads of cloud based services.
3. Commodity computing to the internet scale : It is mastered by Google and people will start thinking in this direction. May be network harware/Software will be matured in a way that it will be easy to build such an infrastructure.
4. OLED TV: It is gorgeous to see such a beautiful display. So I would expect it to grow and steal some of the market share from LCD.
5. GPS or GIS people start utilizing in most of the services, probably like tracking parcel or flight, in future we can easily start tracking people (probably intelligence agancy can verywell do this)
6. SSD - Solid State Drive: What else will replace Mechanical Harddrive. It is obviously SSD. We will gain massive amound of IOPS, it is kind of unimaginable. SATA III (6 Gbps) will not be enough to handle, so achilles heel of computer scalability and performance will be healed but there will be someother painpoint will emerge.
7. SOA - Webservice now understood as good integration mechnism but it will not going to replace everything - that myth is busted. SOA REST is kind of light weight widely popularized by Google will join hand with SOAP. These services will have major role in Cloud computing.
8. Cloud Computing - It is kind of thing will be promoted as whole world is shrinking economically and technologically (Technology makes world flat, easily reachable kind of global village) and later will be realized as security, privacy threat and will bounce back as each palyer want to have their own cloud (commodity server computing - SSDs, low cost processor etc)
9. Transparency - I have everything unique to me is available with somebody as set of data, Media is growing and it is peeping into everywhere. What considered as private is exposed heavily so I need to change. I can't hide. What I see as secret is well know, I can't just be thinking as whole world is dark when I close my eyes. It forces people be more transparent. It is kind of welcoming factor. Afterall change is the only constant and which we need to welcome to survive. So attitude and behavior would change.
10. I am bored of thinking. I plan to grow item like this more so I will add more soon.....


  1. Medical: Role Of God: As per science and conscience, those things which we know - we will classify them and identify as -- if we know something, we either have complete fear or complete comfortable with them or mixed feeling of both. But if we don't know, like seeing something in the dark - it may be piece of rope but we will jump out of fear as if it is snake. So what I mean here is unknown things are normally be classified as if it is controlled and governed by God. But looking at how technologies in medical front is progressing like Cloning, Stem cells, Face transplantation, DNA decoding etc and commodity super computing which aids advancing in finding unknown things etc will make one day that life existence will be pointed and life expectancy will be controlled fully by human- so life is being controlled by God will vanish probably in some point of time in future (100/200 years from now).
  2. Computing: It is interesting to dream about computing. These are my list
1. Bandwidth of internet - In 5 to 10 years bandwidth will improve such a way that USB 3.0 will look like slow, I mean transfer rate will be so much that we will not need to maintain storage devices and commodity computing wired in a way that we will be using devices like dumb terminals and which will be like foldable, flexible and easily commutable. This will again mutate into like - walls will be build on display material and also act as energy producer.

2. One day we may use air as display media. LCD to OLED to Something to Air

3. Input method will be replaced by voice and world will not have phisically challanged people as technology advancement will actually cure any kind of disability.
4. Server: There will not be any difference in Server and Desktop or Laptop and all the feature of Server will be available to single formfactor which will be used to built server farms - cloud or sensible, networked wirelessly connected, self healing, auto powered (next incarnation of wireless power transmission)computer will emerge.
5. Software: All the application will be available through service - no need to own anything. HR/Finance or whatever will be available as service and people will have unique identity through out the world and which is like technically singular world will emerge.
6. Security: Since nothing powerful available outside the safty-net, Security is just handled using all the forms of Gene proposition of a person or biological factor of a person.

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  1. Interesting ... I belive you have hardly predicted the emerging of IPad .., regarding future forcasts the usual comment is short term over projection and longterm under projection ...


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