Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is Wolframalpha a threat to Google?

I read some juicy thingy about Wolfram|Alpha. Yea it sounds too good. And I wish that it should make success.
The reasons....
1. Search is the "Start" button of web as OS, as URL is dead.
2. Most noisy results end up
1. Wasting lots of peoples time -- may be contrived to CO2 emission
2. Lots of CPU and network will be wasted to do search again -- collectively it will be equated to CO2 emission and lots more...
3. Change in the confidence of user, frustration getting right information etc
I am not denying the Server workload to give such a nearly correct results. Evidently, correct/trusted information is always costly.
So, lets welcome to be born baby. It gives us manly feeling - like "If i ask somthing tell me the truth and stand firmly on what you provided", all ladies please execuse me.... Here is the page http://www.wolframalpha.com/index.html

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