Friday, July 10, 2009

Technology brings Eventual Transparency

Earlier one of my blog post (Item 9), I said technology will bring Transparency- Eventual Transparency. Thats true. We never know who or which eye (Camera) is watching. Web has the power to remember. It never forgets. It replicates like Virus or Cancer and linked as never before - But it is good for people/community/country as it brings Transparency. The reason for this post is Google's CEO Eric Schmidt relflected My Thoughts in one of his Interview before ( I am not able to locate the Video, may be if i found I will update it later).

It is him, Mr.Eric Schmidt, is victim of the SOT (Same old technology). Yes, he is caught using Blackberry as his mobile device not Android (Nothing wrong but credibility will go down, credibility is directly related to accuracy of the data (it may be in any form).

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