Thursday, September 09, 2010

ARM vs Intel vs AMD

Yesterday ARM unveiled Coretex A15 (aka Eagle) design press news is here . This news sounds really good to me. ARM is inserting itself into x86 server territory (already Google is looking for low cost low powered processer technology esp ARM into its Data center and Facebook also interested in this direction).

So what really a problem with x86?, initially google mastered and proved we don't need Xeon level processor for running its software, its tested and proved commodity hardware based approach is good to run great business with enough redundancy and innovative architecture. So for every data center, one of the biggest problem is power consumption this is where ARM is great at it.

So when Google and Facebook moved to ARM and ARM is a great king at Mobile and intel would have stiff competition from ARM which should have been from AMD.

There are other issues like software compatibility but looking at the datacenter and Linux domination, it is not tough for Linux/Unix guys moving to ARM and Windows would eventually going to support ARM.

Intel is not sitting idle either and looking at Sandy Bridge and it is ability to master its process technology (32 nm to 22 nm plan) so ultimately it is a good news for customer.

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