Wednesday, November 06, 2013

MocDoc - Clinic Management System

When we start working on MocDoc Clinic Management solution ( on top of already existing appointment management system, one thing is very clear to us it should be dead simple and easy to use. Did we achieve that? Yes we did it, all our doctors who uses MocDoc clinic Management system says that.

What we offer as part of Clinic Management?

  1. Role based access control
  2. Patient Registration 
  3. Patient Checkin
  4. Patient Photo
  5. Patient Visit record forms with Highly customizable based on speciality we have customization called templates for 
    1. Dental with tooth coded flow
    2. Pediatric Template which has WHO Growth Chart and IAP immunization Chart
    3. General Medicine
    4. Ophthal template (EYE)
    5. Homeopathy Template 
    6. Veterinary Template
  6. Review Reminders
  7. Prescription by single key press
  8. Billing
  9. Expense Tracking
  10. Reports
    1. Appointment Reports base on speciality/department
    2. Reports based on consultant
    3. Income report
    4. Expense report
    5. Visit Summary Report
    6. Outstanding amount report
  11. Lab/Service Provider integration
  12. And more
Here is the screenshot of Patient Dashboard.

 Patient Dashboard is powerful summary of particular patients. Here Doctors can easily and completely understand the specifics about patients. Prescription and Visit summary can be reviewed at any time.

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