Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar the must watch movie of life

I have been tracking the Avatar's progress for one reason -- James Cameron, the director of Terminator and Titanic and he was telling that he has been waiting for 15 years for technology to mature. What else you want? This is must watch movie obviously. I wanted to watch in 3D and yes I did it and I just lost in Pandora -- the planet where human invaded and trying to get the precious element. Story, well, you never need one for such a visual treats. You need to watch, watch, watch so many times to enjoy the beautify of characters and places. Wow, its spellbound. I watched on normal 3D and planning for IMAX 3D. Thanks Cameron for such a wonderful movie.
These are the items I liked in the first time....
  1. 9 feet tall humanoids which express emotions cleanly on screen
  2. Beautiful forest
  3. Floating mountain and mountain in general
  4. Big huge tree
  5. Glowing things in the nature which is brilliant
and technology which brings above all.

I some how felt the characters and nature in this movie draws me back to Indian epic Ramayana.


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