Thursday, December 03, 2009

Google and it's DNS

Google public DNS
Google is known for making things (read web) fast. It tried with Google Chrome and it worked well. It’s minimalistic design in it’s various application also helps its peculiar but good indent of making web fast. Today I came to know about its public DNS, it good idea. I configured my Macbook to Google public DNS ( & after that I try to ping google itself to seek out how quick their domain name service. Before the google DNS, my ping latency was 27-35 msec, after I changed to goole DNS it became 80-120 msec. There are other factors which influence the ping latency basically I can’t trust AT&T’s U-Verse connection. I had many a times issue with slow speed and latency in the past. These are the minor thing but my major point of this posting is “How Google is going to exploit its DNS service?”,
Here is what I think,
Google is going to track which site user is actually visiting by logging DNS resolution request
It was initially the search being tracked, I once talked about URL is dead, but people still used to go to site which they frequent every day like twitter/facebook/yahoo etc and it also gives google opportunity to track everything. Yes everything and it is “the” data which is precious element to target adds and augment their application
On the otherside,
Google can identify fishing site and warn user
Track the profile of the web site and rank it based on multiple factors
Track the information which user is hunting through visiting the website
Can provide tiny url kind of service easily
It can provide application developed on google cloud (google app engine) a public access through its DNS and make cost effective etc
So Google is everywhere.

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