Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adhoc Browser Performance Testing (IE8, Google Chrome2, Firefox3.5) - Round 2 (with SSD)

This time I tried with IE8 and entirely different system again I used the same link to see the performance
(I also open/close the borwser few times to bring all the moving parts close to the heart of OS -:) )




Loading the above link button – iteration 1

0.5 sec

1.6 Sec

1.2 Sec

Loading the above link– iteration 2 (Close the browser, reload it again)

0.5 sec

1.7 Sec

1.1 Sec

Clicking GO button – iteration 1

1.9 Sec

Broken and it took 5.5 Sec to hide the table and stopped rendering the table below “Go” button. I tried compatible mode but it also didn't help.

4.3 Sec

For the kick, I checked with iPhone OS3.0 safari, It took 0.5 sec to show few rows and tool almost 3.5 minutes to render the entire page. I also checked it render all the rows. I tried to click the "Go" button, It did not work. Though it is not bad as it is not meant for this kind of load.

System used:


Gskill Falcon 128GB SSD

All the test ran on the same system.


I considered Network latencies, Network congestion etc would be same for all the browser

as it is tested on the same system. You can still use the given Link to try it yourself.


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