Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adhoc Browser Performance Testing (IE, Google Chrome, Firefox)

I came across complex requirement. Here is that,

It is huge grid table with context menu, filter, sorting etc, no of rows goes beyond 1000 and column is more than 16. I found Ext JS’s Grid is used. It is taking almost a while to load completely. It is really slow and it feels as if CPU 100% utilized and no memory is available. I wanted to picture the problem; here is the test something similar to my requirement




Loading the above link button – iteration 1

1.6 sec

2.3 Sec

1.8 Sec

Loading the above link– iteration 2 (Close the browser, reload it again)

1.5 sec

1.8 Sec

1.9 Sec

Clicking GO button – iteration 1

3.1 Sec

25.5 Sec

6 Sec

Clicking GO button – iteration 2

3 sec

25.2 Sec

6.1 Sec

Note: I used iPhone stop watch to test it. Though it is not fair to compare when IE 8 is out, but I have to work with IE6. I am interested in last 2 rows. Even with the margin of 0.5 sec error, Google chrome and to some extend the firefox3.0 gouged the IE.

System used:

Pentium D 3.0 GHz, 2 GB of RAM

All the test ran on the same system.

There are 2 things should happen,

IE should die including IE8 or it should reinvent itself for betterment of community. Microsoft should not punish the community and enterprise. Please do Microsoft....

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