Tuesday, September 01, 2009

HTML5 user defined tag

One of the item lacking from html5 is defining custom tag. It should have provision to make custom tag. Tags are bound by certain parameters. It needs style to render. It needs events to react. So it is possible to provide option to create custom tag and those info related to style and events can be handled (cache etc) by browser.

Html5 should define browser contract. It already does. It have sections for UA aka user agent. So why can;t we define background process for browser? it is possible similar to iphone push notification but here each website can optionally provide API for dealing with "Push" call. Once this is ready, email app like Gmail expose API for new message. So once thats enlisted in browser -- may be by creating html application, new message will be shown similar to how out look shows in task bar but now with application short cut. Google chrome went in this direction but not with what I expected. This will make web application feature complete and compete with desktop application. This is possible as we are again into Browser war. So how is going to come up or going to complain with new standards going to win.

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  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I see your point. But it is far away from the current HTML5. I did it in a different way which exactly you expected! Thanks, I at least felt that I am not alone.


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