Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Is Java/C# dead?

Is Java Dead?
Almost a/an year or more back I read about "java is dead, long live java" I felt angry. I felt the author is really lunatic. But ... now I have a reason to say it should die. If you work with Java and struggled to scale for few 100 users... not even for Internet scale you will wish java should die. It looks like "Yes" for web application development. But I differ from original author. Java should die not because its bloat or not SOA ready (SOA is also declared dead by Anne Thomas Manes) but because it inherent issue with Thread and shared model. It can't even be resurrected by models like Ejb to help scale application. It is like mercury and it is hazardous to environment as you need more servers to do the same scale. May be thats the reason IBM left buying SUN.

Who is playing the Game?
Java in late 90s and till 2003 is really good as hardware vendors like Intel focused more on clock speed and tailing directly with moors law. But suddenly they realized that that route won't work and changed the rule. So rule of the game now shifted to multi core. This is the reason software developed for single core with high clock is struggling to cope up with low clock speed with multi cores.

What others Think about Java?

I also found some where in the Internet, I guess it is Steve Yegge, quoted "Java proved even pig can fly". Yes I still felt IBM and other anti MS guys made and give java a Star status. It grown to 800 pound gorilla and become useless in modern Internet scale application. Earlier I was looking to see any of the internet scale companies use Java as their underlying platform. hm... they know what they want.... No where I found a Java in use. I know how complex an Ejb is. But how much it can scale? It is worthless to provide hardware, though it is cheap, to produce sub optimal results -- even cheap will become very costly in the long run. But it is good at certain aspects. I pity on guys like Gavin King who contributed Webbeans and Seam framework which will kneel down and burry itself when 100 concurrent user access it. JCP is useless and they come up with standards when even after somsthing is obsolete, for ex, JSF came and AJAX destroyed it, JSF 2.0 finalized and Websocket and comet or more specific JQuery, Dojo, YUI/Ext Js already doing heavy lifting in the client side. So why we need to do page construction in the server side?

So what is the alternative? Yes there is emphatic answer. It is Erlang. We are in the modern world. We know how Json and REST is useFull and Soap is there to cleanse us from multi language hell. So it Amazon, Facebook, meebo and others enjoyed the power of Erlang. It is like nuclear bomb and it is so powerful concurrency and message passing actor model will help scale.

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