Sunday, September 06, 2009

Internet scale Operating System (OS)

Os should evolve from running on single system to fabric of multi system nodes. It should marry network give a seamless scalability. Virtualization is just opposite of what I am mentioning here. But OS should do virtualization too natively.
I am just thinking of intel's turbo boost ( which scales based on single or multi thread capabilities and needs.

Basic building block for network for fabric nodes + network management built in will help scale commodity hardware well.

My usecase is "buy N no of system and tell the OS that these are your siblings, children and clone", it will integrate natively with them. It might be useful to have patterns or strategy for specific use cases -- may be i term it as siblings/children/clone -- will share the load evenly/take over on non-availability/bring into work on demand etc and few other things like monitoring health of individual components should be there. With these things, OS really will ready for Internet scale. I don't know if Linux is going to go in this direction. I also read about how Google scales its infrastructure. But if Google open sources its customized Linux server used in its data center or contribute it back to linux it can happen over night. I expect this from Google and also revet its position as don't do evil. I still think if whole world can do better by exposing some of the innovative idea, it should be done immediately.

It also sounds like peer-peer built into OS -- p2p OS.

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