Saturday, January 07, 2012

Apple and Apple TV

Everybody is gushing and guessing that it is going to be from 32-55 inch with SIRI based interface etc etc. But I am thinking "Will Steve Jobs think that that is going to be a good idea?" It sounds negative to me.
But Apple is going to release TV. Surely. What I am thinking that Steve would have thought "Take already existing product which really sucks now and if it put under "Steve Jobs Treatment" it is not going to suck, it is going to be fantastic product -- in terms of simplicity, aesthetics and sale" -- Is current LCD TV going to create such magical overhaul? I am not comfortable to say yes.

But what if Steve picks up "PICO" projector and combine that with Apple TV with toch LCD on top to touch control and iDevices act as remote, Camera for face time and little more sensible SIRI?

SIRI will sound cancel the sound coming out of TV??? in order to understand user voice (hunt for patents), it is Apple TV version 2 :)

Just opposite of proximity sensor in iPhone -- move your hand to the top senses your hand and turn on LCD, to do touch to control -- so it can independently operate. It can gel together with iDevices, it is already built into apple tv.

Totally I hate TV because it is not portable, it is not magical

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