Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Erlang DNS TXT, MX record look up

I was exploring how to query DNS and do some probing on various types of information like MX and TXT records.
Here is the simple API
 Step:1         inet_res:nslookup("domain.com", 1, txt).                                                                           
It is always advisable to use another function, to convert it from internal record type to list,
 Step:2        inet_dns:msg(Return_from_Step1)                                                                                                    

 Step:3        inet_dns:rr( Return_from_Step2)                                                                                                           

Step:2 always return list or tuple of error message. So return value from the Step:2 should be processed.

Here is the complete code which returns "TXT" rr record, you can substitute mx for "MX" records,
lookup(Domain, VerifyingText) ->
 case inet_res:nslookup(Domain, 1, txt) of 
  {ok, Record} ->
   DnsRr = case inet_dns:msg(Record, anlist) of 
           DnsRrList when is_list(DnsRrList) -> hd(DnsRrList);
     _ -> []
   io:format("IS of type ~p ~n", [is_list(DnsRr)]),
   inet_dns:rr(DnsRr, data);
  _-> false
Pass the domain name to the lookup, you will get the list of records.

 More here http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/inet_res.html

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