Sunday, January 08, 2012

Open source winning because of all of us

I saw hacker news today that Nginx become most (sorry second most) popular web server putting Microsoft IIS into its rear view mirror, and now it is behind Apache web server --- first 2 are Open source projects.

Middle or before end of this year Google Chrome is going to do that for Internet explorer, again it is based on chromium open source project.

Android did better and put iPhone into second place.

It is all great news and we never know how many people behind this effort, there are lot.

Again, younger generation are getting charges into big IT role into corporate environment and will see more churn soon in enterprise sector.

I am seeing Open source started winning the game.  Software are commoditized and it good thing that it is going to impact huge into people's life.

Linux made or commoditized server and which in turn revolutionized into Cloud,
Web started growing big because of lots of open source projects like Apache, Linux in the server side and
programing tools like PHP, Python, Perl and others made development  or building product or web apps easy. I never heard any startup using C# or .Net.

Android to iPhone and Windows --- Anybody can built anything using Android, there is no barrier to software availability, so hardware is getting cheap and all the corners of the world is benefitting.

When I heard OLPC's $100 PC, I could not imagine how it is possible, but now seeing under $50 tablets like India's Akash.  It is possible because these product vendor no need to develop OS which is free and saving that cost to shave hardware cost make sense. It is not only money but effort and fear of adoption, if it doesn't have appeal or market share like Android which pulls people to think and be confidant to go ahead with product.  I am not denying other factors - thanks to ARM processor  for its cheap  processor and mass manufacturing of LCD which driven cost down -- these are happening  because of mass effect.

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