Sunday, June 21, 2009

Erlang Tools and Modules

I was trying to use Eclipse Erlide but unfortunately I am not able turn it off compiling every time I save the file. It is quite slow and will make you irritated.
So, Since I am again coming from Java factory, thought of finding answers to the following items,
  1. Need a good IDE which will be able to give me code completion, need to jump into modules without performance issue
  2. How would normally development cycle would be. How would I make a build scripts, it looks "make" is widely used tool.
  3. How would be the different kind of environment like dev, testing, production etc organized and automated?
  4. I am also started looking at best practices/modules and ways to do Unit testing, XML parsing, Logging, Instrumentation, Socket (TCP/IP) access etc
  5. CouchDB Or Mnesia based MySql or other database access.

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