Tuesday, June 30, 2009

HTML 5 Application Shortcuts

Google chrome has options to create web application as shortcuts. Google chrome calls it "Application Shortcuts". Why can't enhance the functionality of application shortcuts? Why can't we make it as standard somehow?

There are security issues.... It should be tackled. Assume that I am creating the shortcut for my email (live/yahoo/gmail) page. If I get a new message, It should be able to notify user. It may be somthing simple like how iPhone batch notification does or Windows outlook alerts does. There are multiple things associated with it. Browser should ever run in the background or there should be an os level hook or somthing simple. It should have a way to get updates from the source application on the internet etc. So source web application can provide this capabilites. So if the browser is able to some how get the notification from the source server, it can display alerts. It may be web service (REST/JSON/SOAP what not)

It also sounds like there is some similarity(ies) with Html5 websockets or Server Sent Events but not exactly how those are desinged/indented for. These provisions will make browser grow little bit beyond what actually it does now. It will eliminate one day the purpose of native client applications. So create an application shortcut, and tell the browser what to alert/notify. It opens up lots of possibilities.
I just posted this idea to WHATWG. Let me see the feedback....

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