Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Buy a Mac or Better Mac than Apple? Or Mac buying tips

I very well know that Apple is great at marketting. If you give a piece of junk they will make it Wall-E. They will go public carrying junk with clean neat casuals and contrasting background, and will start telling how beautiful it is... how wonderful it is... how awesome it is .... and people will believe it. It is like "Say once" - you wont bother; "one more time"- you hesitate; "one more" -hm.. you start believing it. But good thing is most of the item they bring into public is really good at its time.
So how about if you want to buy Macbook family of product....
Best Option from best to better,
  1. Using Student and Education - Apple never believe me I am learning every day, so I am student so it will not workout for me.
  2. EBay - with 8% cashback from Microsoft. What a hell going on?. In order to promote its online service, It end up promoting its enemy. Go to Microsoft's Bing cashback (until today, it is bing but earlier it used to be "live" but now it is dead) search for macbook and you will see somewhere link to Ebay website with dollar symbol displayed near by. Click the link and get into Ebay and there you can search for Macbook of your interest and go to the Buy it now tab, from there you can pick one and buy it using paypal. Note: it is vaild only for buy it now and with Paypal.
  3. Apple authorized deallers like MacMall or Mac Connection etc which offers almost same price or $50 less based on what model you choose. There is an additional discount for AppleInsider readers, it is 3% I guess. So go to Appleinsider (scroll down on that page) and get the code and apply it in Macmall.
  4. You can buy it anytime at Apple store or Apple online. Many a times, you get advantage like getting good discount for Apple software compare to other places.
Finally, go through Mac Buyer's guide. It is greatly kept current and it tells you when apple is going to update (refresh) its product line. Apple is very infamous for punishing last day buyers.

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