Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am Ma(c)trixed

I bought a Macbook after a long deliberation. I have been planning to do something with iPhone. But iPhone SDK is not running on my Windows. I tried to install mac on my win notebook and gave up. It is great strategy for Apple otherwise I would never have thought of buying. I had been Pro PC guy until i started working with Mac. Hm.. how am I feeling after couple of weeks of usage.... I really liked many things, for ex build quality, usability and nuance of many other things like accessibility (I just need 2 fingers to scroll, 4 fingers to see all the open window etc). It wakes up very quickly after the lit is opened. Its ready as soon as I moved the lit to comfortable view position. Overall it feels better compare to windows. But I am not going to bother what OS is actually all I need is what kind of application I am running and how it helps me to work with those apps. I am following Google's philosophy, bothering which OS is going to soon become OLD SCHOOL of thought. Hm.. But I do use notebook for otherthings like Using Java/J2ee, Python and Erlang development. I hit a bottleneck as some of the niche application needs to be compiled for Mac. I tried,
  1. FFMpeg
  2. Image Magick
  3. OCRopus
  4. Tesseract etc. I need to spend sometime to find binaries, in fact, for windows iteself. Mac hm.. I needed to compile it from source but I never tried so far.
I am also using another laptop which is Windows 7 with GSkill Falcon Solid state drive (SSD) It is fast amazingly fast due to ssd. One more thing, Mac is helping me to explore my guts into mobile computing as I am quite interested in mobile computing. Let me try somthing soon....
I am also quite impressed with Windows 7 though it is glorified Vista but better polished n shiny Vista. What the hell Microsoft is doing. It is left and right fighting with others, one side with Apple (OS, iPod, Mobile OS), with Sony and Nintendo (PS3 and Wii), with Google (gmail, mobile os and Bing, did I say Search), with Sun (J2ee). hm... I am not able to list all and how MS is getting into.. It is seperate blog or book as its entirety...

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