Sunday, January 09, 2011

Death of TV Remote?

Context Television remote is one of the heavily used parts, it may be tops that list.
So, few months back Android started integrating youtube app which controls what to play in the TV.
VIZIO, the TV company, demoed mobile phone and tablet which has IR blaster inbuilt in it.

Next question is how it is going to eliminate?
Android app is controlling it from Server and it just does it for youtube -- it is not much useful except for youtube. Vizio's one is actually bakes remote's infrastructure into bolie and tablet -- it is nothing new but just convergence of TV remote functionality into mobile just like Camera into mobile devices.

I am not sure when TV integrates wireless capabilities and other niceties into it would eliminate IR itself. May be zigbee or bluetooth would just needed to completely get rid of remote.

There is sony iPhone APP which controls some of the Bluray player from Sony.

I am actually looking for iPhone app to control my PS3.

So all of them leads to 3 possibilites:
1) Integrating existing IR blaster into new mobile devices, like VIZIO, and it works for all the TV
2) Apps like Sony's Bluray player app to control the device -- which uses network stack to talk to device but not through IR blaster
3) Specialized apps like Android youtube one
Will it going to completely eliminate Remote? It is not going to think so (because eco system is vast and disparate), but at least some end, mobile is going to play some roll there.

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