Monday, January 24, 2011

My Thoughts on Html5 to become Html

My Thoughts on Html5 to become Html:

It is interesting. Few weeks back Google chrome engineer blogged that version number in chrome is mere indication of snapshot of development and doesn’t make sense to follow release cycle. That’s making sense as Google chrome evolved with in 2 years far better browser in this world (including enterprise security featureJ). It is evolved from version 3 to 10 in year 2010 alone. In place of version numbers, they place a channel to download based on how technical you are,
1. Stable : more matured and production ready
2. Beta: Matured but not much tested
3. Dev: Matured and being tested
4. Canary: Unstable and should not be used as regular one, new feature without or less testing and may break


Beginning of this week we saw Html5 logo to promote html5. Tim oreilly said, “html5 is not just a Technology any more, it is a movement”, Yes in order to address fragmented app development using proprietary APIs for multiple devices and multiple OSes, HTML5 is right choice. This is standard. It addresses every desktop, mobile, tablet, connected device (Nintendo DSI, Sony PSP/PS3) to TV, Car and new OS itself (ChromeOS) as well as great development platform for something not yet imagined.

So what is the deal? HTML5 editor Ian Hixie is telling Html5 is going to be called Html. And stable snapshot would be with W3C and living document with WHATWG. After all basic requirement to access new Html feature is through browser and when they say html5 is html, and then it is Html. I think this also going to push browser developer team to say “yes I support Html J” No more hiding behind “Html5” is not yet ratified, not matured etc etc.

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