Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ubuntu vs Windows 7 -> Ubuntu

I got Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7 2720qm with 8 GB ram, HP pavillion 2 days back. The fact that, I am a Mac user and experience with Win 7 is really bad. Microsoft really don't know what is experience is. One such example is Track Pad, it is called touch pad (synaptics). It supports multi touch what a shock? I could not use it and it spoiled my experience -- like unsafe roller coaster ride. I need to hunt where mouse point is, scroll approximately and need to do hard with your finger to move again to where you want. I uninstalled lots of craps including Norton antivirus and I installed MS security essentials. It is long story.

Well, I know I am going to work with ubuntu and just check whether Win 7 can lost long and satisfy other needs so I can live with VirtualBox 4 or VMPlayer. But still windows 7 is windows except some lipstick like Aero and animation.

I installed ubuntu 10.10, in my surprise, out of the box, it blows the water out of win7. It is smooth, elegant and as near good as Mac. Again, this is first shot and first few minute experience with Ubuntu. I still remember "Mark shutterworth" that they want to create a better than Mac experience, they did with moving controlls to left side from right etc. But it is good.
It has all ingredients like openoffice (libreoffice in 11.04), media player, email client and FIREFOX.

Adobe Flash, Skype and other day to day seasonings are good at work. Ubuntu is really maturing at desktop end.

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