Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Is Microsft being erased gratually???

Slew of Android tablet and Android phones at CES 2011. Is it telling something about Microsoft? It is clear that momentum is with Android/Google and it looks really tough for Microsoft to turn that momentum towards them. All OEM who are strong pillers of Microsoft is now lunching with Google. Same OEM and partner strategy worked for Windows so far, will the same being repeated by Google. This time with free licensing cost and earning money indirectly by providing services. If Google is able to bake Google doc properly for Tablet, I think, it is going to be death blow to Microsoft.
*loosing windows licenses to free Google/Android
*loosing office licenses to Tablet/Mobile devices which is replaced by Google docs and third party apps
*ultimately Bing also in question here

Folks who are going to lead the technology market, youngsters of current generation, would be big problem for Microsoft as those are much entrenched by non-ms platform.

I think they are like sitting on old laurels like old handset manufacturer who lost out due to failure to innovate quickly and sticking on old school of thoughts. MS is surely turning around like IE9, WP7 etc but momentum is not with them, they are following likes of Apple and Google.

What is the effect of $9.5 billion dollar RnD spent by Microsoft?
* unreleased courier tablet
* unreleased surface
* delayed wp7
* loosing market share of Internet explorer

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